Acetal and Ketal formation Exchange Reactions
Acylations Formylation
Acid chloride using thionyl chloride Friedel-Craft-Reactions
Aldol Reactions Fries Rearrangements
Alkylations Grignard Reactions
Amidations Halogenations
        (a) Chlorine/Bromine gas
        (b) N- Chloro / Bromo succinamide
        (c) Sodium Hypochloride
Aminations Hantzsch Synthesis
Azide Chemistry Hydride Reductions
Baeyer-Villiger Reactions Hydroformylations
Béchamp Reductions Hydrogenations
Beckmann Rearrangements Leuckart Reactions
Carboxylations Mannich Reactions
Catalytic Reductions (up to 12 bars) Metallations
Chloro methylation Michael Reactions
Chlorosulfonations Mitsunobu Reactions
Claisen-Schmidt Condensations Nitration
Condensations Nitrosations
Coupling Reactions Oxidations
        (a) Nitric Acid Oxidations
        (b) Permanganate Oxidations
        (c) Selenium Dioxide
        (d) Hypochloride (NaOCl)
Cryogenic Reactions Phase Transfer Reactions
Curtius Rearrangements Phosgenations
Cyanations Pinner reaction using dry HCl
Cyclizations Reductions
        (a) Zinc / HCl
        (b) Sn / HCL
        (c) NaBH4
        (d) LiAlH4
        (e) Catalytic
Cycloadditions Reformatsky Reactions
Decarboxylations Replacement Reactions
Dehalogenations Rosenmund Reductions
Dehydrations Salt-formations
Dehydrogenations Sandmeyer reactions
Dehydrohalogenations Saponifications
Delepine Reactions Silylations
Desaminations Strecker Amino Acid Synthesis
Diazotisations Sulfonations
Epoxidations Transesterifications
Esterifications Thermal cyclisation & rearrangement upto 220°C
Ether Cleavage Williamson Synthesis
Etherifications Wittig Reactions