Retrosynth Finechem Pvt Ltd is providing custom synthesis, contract R&D and custom manufacturing services to the chemical and allied industries.

Retrosynth Finechem Pvt Ltd is a specialty chemical company located  at Ahmedabad (India). The company offers a full range of services which includes custom synthesis, contract R&D, laboratory & industrial scale production and custom manufacturing services. Through our extensive network of domestic and overseas suppliers, we provide a large selection of fine chemicals, organic intermediates and bulk chemicals.

The company has several competitive advantages:

  • Staff with advanced degrees in chemistry (Ph.D. and M.S.) with experience working in multinational corporations.

  • Flexibility for grams to tons scale customs synthesis.

  • Reliability by continuously updating our partners on progress.

  • Risk sharing at all stages of development.

  • Value pricing by offering our customers sophisticated chemicals and services at very competitive prices.

  • Personal Service Guarantee.